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Residential Glass and Sliding Glass Door Service

If you are looking for a company that focuses on customer service as well as proficient service, Glass & More is the company for you. We offer a variety of glass service to keep your home beautiful. While windows and glass doors give your home, increases the value of your home and give it an updated look, they are also very expensive to replace. Glass & More offers fast, affordable home glass repairs and replacements. We are committed to repairing the glass in your home as quickly and painless as possible. Call us today.

Fogged Windows

Newer windows consist of two panes of glass that are separated by a clear gas like Argon. Argon insulates and dampens noise, and if not properly maintained, the gas will leak out, causing moisture to accumulate and fog the windows. There is a common misconception that once double-paned windows develop fogging, they need to be replaced. Not true. Fogging in a double-paned window is caused by a broken seal or by structural damage to the glass panes which can be repaired. You don’t have to waste money replacing fogged windows: just repair them.

What Type of Services Can I Expect?

Damages to glass can be large or small. You could simply have a shop door with a small crack, or the whole glass door partition may suddenly go missing, as a result of a hit, accident, or even a break-in. When any of these issues occur, just call the right Glass & More emergency glass repair company and your problem will be fixed in a jiff.

Type of Work an Emergency Glass Repair Company Can Do?

An experienced glass company can work with any type of glass, whether it be in the form of the traditional wooden windows, to full office glass walls, or store fronts. A reliable Glass & More technician is familiar with all modern manufacturing and repair techniques, and is able to repair or replace glass of all types.

When you are replacing a damaged window, remodeling a home or building a home, call the experienced professionals at Glass & More. We have the expertise to handle all of your residential glass concerns.

We offer the following for your residential glass needs

  • Thermal Glass
  • Patio Glass
  • Custom Mirrors
  • Bay Windows
  • Broken or Fogged Window Repair
  • Picture Windows
  • Table Tops
  • Sliding Glass Doors
  • Shower Doors
Custom Mirrors
Bathroom Mirrors CUt To Size


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